Tuesday, March 4, 2014

[NEW][GAME] Hungry Ghost

Delicious candy was stolen by mysterious Mr. Pac. Help this cute little hungry ghost to collect the lost candy. Beware of onion! Mr. Pac use dark magic to control these onion army. They will come in different formation. Guide him to dodge onions while collect candy. See how good your reflexes and how many candy you can get.

WARNING: this game required lightning fast reflexes and great hand eye coordination.

Download for Free: Hungry Ghost

[NEW] Night City Live Wallpaper HD

Enjoy a beautiful night city scenery in your phone. This live wallpaper presenting a stunning timelapse city at night panorama in HD resolution. Night city live wallpaper HD come moving clouds animation, streaks of traffic, and fluorescent streetlight. In this live wallpaper we also implementing IAP to get more awesome features rather than releasing a PRO version app.

Check it out (free): Night City Live Wallpaper

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

[NEW] Polka Dots Live Wallpaper

This time, we want to keep thing simple. We realize sometimes people just want something simple for their smartphone's wallpaper. So we decided to create this simple yet gorgeous Polka Dots Live Wallpaper. It has some level of customization and most importantly it looks beautiful.

Check out Free version: Polka Dots Live Wallpaper
And more feature at PRO version: Polka Dots Live Wallpaper PRO

Monday, August 19, 2013

[UPDATE] Next Nexus Live Wallpaper - Custom Color & Randomize Control

Though this next nexus live wallpaper already have more than enough options to customize, we still have a lot of new things to show you. Since the last screen shot feature update, we actually manage to added a lot of new features through several update. The most noticeable one might be feature to select custom color both for background and particles. Another interesting new feature is the ability to control how randomize work. Now, you can control what options to be randomize its value.

Check out Free version: Next Nexus Live Wallpaper
And full feature PRO version: Next Nexus Live Wallpaper PRO

[NEW] Smart Particle Live Wallpaper

This is definitely not a kind of wallpaper that you often see on Play Store. Bunch of light particle, with certain level of intelligence, moving and making formation. These particles are self organize particles and make their move randomly base on their current state.

Head to Play Store to see more detail information and screenshots:
Smart Particle Live Wallpaper

Monday, July 29, 2013

[UPDATE] Flowers Live Wallpaper - Custom Background

Update for Flowers Live Wallpaper PRO now bring you a custom background feature. Aside from built in pattern, you can choose image from your phone storage to work as background pattern. You can set color, opacity, and background color mode to create a unique effect. Free version also get update with some improvement. Check out change logs below for more information.

Check out: Flowers Live Wallpaper PRO
Free version: Flowers Live Wallpaper

Saturday, July 27, 2013

[UPDATE] Next Nexus Live Wallpaper - Screenshot with QR Code

This is quite a massive update. We added a lot of new things here. User now can save their custom setting and even share these setting with other Next Nexus Live Wallpaper user. Simply send them 'setting code' text or do it in a more awesome way via QR code with screenshot. Both pro and free version get this feature. Beside from that, we also add some new theme, pattern, and sharing options. Another thing, we set up a Facebook fan page here: https://www.facebook.com/nextnexuslivewallpaper so user can share to each other their custom setting.

Check out the free version: Next Nexus Live Wallpaper
And a paid version: Next Nexus Live Wallpaper PRO